Lancome's Privileges

Lancôme invites you to join our VIP Clubs to receive special privileges.

  • Pamper yourself with Facial Massage Treatment value at 3,500 Baht
  • Free makeup service value at 2,500 baht
  • * One-on-one makeup techniques class value at 2,500 baht
  • * Gift card for your friend or family (1 person only) for special service.
  • Invitation cards for on counter workshops and special events.
  • Enjoy special privileges and offers on your birthday month.
  • Redeem your favorite Lancôme’s products. By collecting Lancôme’s Rose Point Points (1 Baht = 1 Rose Point) and earn 2 or 3 times more points on special occasions.
* This privilege is only apply for our Lancôme members over 1 year.

Our Excusive Member clubs are

Lancôme Yours

Customers spend over 5000THB on Lancôme’s products are eligible to join Lancôme Yours membership to receive all Lancôme Yours benefits.

Absolue You

Customers spend over 20000THB on only Lancôme’s Absolue products are eligible to join Absolue You membership to receive all Absolue You benefits:
Customers will be “Absolue You” when they buy “Absolue products” 20,000 baht or more, in addition to the above benefits. Members will receive the following additional benefits:
  • Special offers on your birthday
  • Extra complimentary services
  • Special invitations to participate in our events and luxury workshops for Absolue customers.

We hope that you will join our Lancôme VIP clubs in a very near future