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How to opt out cookies in Internet Explorer

1. Select Internet option in tools menu


2. Select ‘Privacy’ tab


3. Press ‘Advance’ button


4. Select Block option under Cookies>First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies, then press OK


How to opt out cookies in Google Chrome

1. Select Setting in top right menu


2. Click on Advance


3. Select Clear browsing data


4. Select Time range as All time and select all checkbox in both Basic and Advance tab, then click Clear Data



How to opt out cookies in Firefox

1. Select option from top right menu


2. Select Privacy & Security from left side menu


3. Select ‘Firefox will’ as Use custom setting for history and uncheck all checkboxes


How to opt out cookies in Safari

1. Select Safari > Preferences


2. Select Privacy tab in dialog


3. Select Block all cookies in 'Cookies and website data'


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