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Shipping and Returns


At YSL Beauty, our goal is to make your ordering process as efficient as possible. Learn about our shipping policies and procedures below. YSL Beauty also includes an exclusive warranty, which was created to ensure that you are always satisfied with your purchases with our brand.​​

We are pleased to offer free standard shipping on all orders*. Your order will be shipped on business days. (Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) Our standard courier is from Flash Express Company. Your order will usually be shipped within 24 hours. Please kindly anticipate the following time frames for our standard delivery:

Order Destination Delivery Time​
Bangkok and Metropolitan Region 2 - 3 Working Days
Upcountry 4 - 5 Working Days
Remote areas may take an additional 1-2 business days.
(Island area, mountain, and border province
namely Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat provinces)
5 - 7 Working Days

*(with some exception ie. 0 THB Sample Kits)​​​​

**Waiting time does not include delivery. Delivery of orders to remote areas or during high volume periods may take longer than scheduled. We do not outside of Thailand.

All orders are shipped by Flash Express from the distribution center. You will receive an SMS from the Flash Express company if your order has been shipped from the warehouse.

Please check the quality of the product before receiving it. It is recommended to record a video as evidence while unpacking the product.



L'OREAL (THAILAND) LIMITED assures the quality of our products exclusively our prestigious brand, Yves Saint Laurent (“Brand”). We would like to express our gratitude for selecting and purchasing our consistent quality and globally accepted products. In order to assure our valued customer satisfaction, we would like to offer the return and exchange method as follow. (Please be informed that this return policy only applies to online purchases via website


We have carefully selected the professional supplier and shipping service including returning and exchanging products for our valued customers. We assign aCommerce Company Limited (“Product Manager”) to be in charge of all product shipments from every purchasing order via website to your hands. Should you have any enquiries regarding the shipping, refunding or exchanging of the products, please do not hesitate to contact our Product Manager which can be reached at 02-106-8208.


The Satisfaction Guarantee is to assure our brand’s product quality. We faithfully believe you would be satisfied. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products purchased online, you may cancel the purchasing order or request a product return within 7 (seven) days from the date that the product has been received. Please send your enquiry to [email protected] Once we receive your enquiry, the matter of refunding your product will be processed for approval which is specified in the section below. We try our best to work on the product refund within 7-14 working days from the date we receive the return product under our condition.


Regard to the Satisfaction Guarantee policy, we ask for your cooperation to return the order with a shipping package for instance the box and others in the same condition. The product shall not be stripped or opened by any purpose. If so, we may reconsider the approval of product refund. Furthermore, we apologize that we could only refund the cost of product, which excludes the shipping, packaging and wrapping costs to our valued customer.


We assure in the quality of our products. Regretfully, customers may find the damage of the packaging, being torn or ripped which is considered to be a usual shipping situation. As if, this damage or defective is to be acknowledged in general and does not damage the product inside.


However, we advise our customer to reject the order from shipping and inform the Product Manager to investigate and reship if a severe damage of the product package is found as there could be a possibility that the product inside may also be damaged.


Once our value customer receives the product and notice the damaged, defective or un-match order, please send the return enquiry document to [email protected] within 7 (seven) days from the date you receive the product. The matter of refunding of your product will be processed for approval as following detail.


Process of Refunding Approval

If the customer wishes to return the product purchased via Please comply to the condition as follow:


STEP 1 : Refund or Exchange Product Enquiry

The customer may send an enquiry document stating the reason to [email protected] within 7 days after the date you receive the product. Please be reminded that the Product Manager will be in charge of product refund. Should you have any further questions, please contact 02-106-8208 and inform your purchasing order number every time you make a call.


STEP 2 : Enquiry Investigation

The purchasing detail will be investigated by the Product Manager and the approval result will be informed within 1-3 working days. The Product Manager may provide an estimate product return schedule for you or request additional documents via [email protected] and arrange the appointment with the customer service section to assign a person in charge of picking up the product.


Step 3 : Product Return

Our brand would appreciate your understanding and cooperation. To prevent further complications such as damages during the shipping, please carefully wrap the product before handing it to the person assigned to pick up the product from Product Manager. Please be reminded that in this product return process a signature from the returner is required. As soon as the product arrive at the warehouse, the Product Manager will start to work on the process of cash refund.


Step 4 : Cash Refund

The Product Manager shall start the process of cash refund when the return product is in perfect condition as clarified. The cash will be credited to the customer’s savings account within 7 working days. For the products purchased via credit card, the cash will be refunded within 7-14 days. (Your cash summary will be presented in the next billing cycle.*)


*Noted : This may depend on your monthly payment and the cash refund policy of your financial institution/related company. (If your billing summary still remains the same after two cycles, please kindly contact your financial institution for further assistance.)


In addition, once we successfully refund the cash, you will be informed via email. Please note that we have the right to reject the cash refund approval if the customer does not follow a regulation mentioned above.


Please note that all online products of Yves Saint Laurent’s will only be delivered through standard shipping nationwide in Thailand.


Should you have any further question, please kindly contact aCommerce Company Limited at 02-106-8208.


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